Veteran High-life singer releases fifth album “Love Wins”

Written by on August 8, 2017

Sunny Neji has released a new album titled “Love Wins” to the delight of his fans.

This is coming after his fourth album “Unchained” released in 2007 which houses arguably his most popular songs ‘Oruka’, ‘Face me’ and ‘Tolotolo’.
Since releasing his debut album “Captain on EMI” in 1991, Sunny has remained true to his music offering, improving his craft year after year.
Sunny Neji is a veteran High-life musician of the Nigerian industry and on this new album, he is a lover and not a fighter.
Neji’s music dwells on social and political issues, and has been a voice for positive change and advancement in the local music industry.

“Love Wins” is released under Impakt records and as the title goes is themed around the concept of love.
He is an artist and CEO of Impakt records.

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